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Credit to HBI, Inc. in Smyrna, GA as registered owner of the NYALIC® trademark.






Nyalic Marine Applications

NYALIC® is a single-part, nyclounic, crystal clear coating, polymer resin coating ideal for boats or ships of all construction.

NYALIC® is a cost effective product to protect your valuable asset against the effects of corrosion, oxidation and discoloration.

  • Prevents corrosion, oxidation and discoloration. No wax needed. When it rains your boat looks as if it has just been cleaned.
  • NYALIC® actually repels water, so it resists mildew. Below the waterline, resists marine growth.
  • On the waterline, creates a surface that is easily cleaned with soap and water.
    Above the waterline, blocks UV rays to protect surfaces from extreme sunlight.
  • You can reapply NYALIC® to fiberglass, GRP and wooden boats without the need to sand or prime.
  • NYALIC® comes with a full warranty.

NYALIC® is strong and durable, and will last 2 years on bare fiberglass with indefinite maintenance.

NYALIC® restores faded fiberglass and painted finishes to a “like new” appearance. It provides a smooth, durable surface that is easily washed free of marine growth and bird droppings.

NYALIC® is ideal on masts, stanchions, booms, and offers complete protection of new boats. NYALIC® is a great choice for alloy/steel boats and trailers.

Tarnished alloy boats can be brought back to a near-new look with an acid wash and coating with NYALIC® to prevent tarnishing.


What Makes NYALIC® So Good?

Unique Features

  • NYALIC® won’t crack or peel!
  • NYALIC® expands and contracts with host substrate!
  • NYALIC® tolerates a wide range of temperatures.
  • NYALIC® has an impermeable, smooth clear finish.
  • NYALIC® won’t chip!
  • NYALIC® is thermodynamic to 86 degrees C
  • NYALIC® prevents harmful electrolysis Non-conductive.
  • NYALIC® will never chalk or yellow.
  • NYALIC® is impact resistant.
  • NYALIC® blocks ultraviolet radiation P.
  • NYALIC® prevents oxidation.
  • NYALIC® protects against damage from bird droppings.
  • NYALIC® resists dirt, dust, mold, mildew and algae.
  • NYALIC® protects against bleach, corrosive salts and other damaging agents.
  • NYALIC® restores faded or oxidized surfaces to a like-new appearance.



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